45k Designer Living Promotion

Receive 45 thousand dollars of added value to your home at no extra cost!

Mimosa Homes

Terms & Conditions:
Designer Living Promotion strictly limited to 30 offers, valid to 17th December 2017 or until sold. Designer Living Promotion is not valid with any other offer or promotion. Promotion valid subject to site start date (refer to line item 22 of Terms and Conditions). Up to $45,000 of value is based on 1) added value inclusions, 2) evaporative cooling 3) LED Downlights to Living Areas (14 No: to homes upto and including 23 sq and 18 No to homes above 23 sq and 4) $5000 worth of upgrades at no extra cost and is based on the Saba 331 standard floor plan. Values may vary dependent on house type chosen. Evaporative cooling unit and points will vary and is design specific. To receive $5000 of upgrades at no extra cost, $5000 must be spent on upgrades, and does not include site costs, allowances, structural changes, developer and council requirements and any fibre optic/NBN requirements. If less is spent, the same value will be reflected at no extra cost. All upgrades are in lieu of standard and no credits are permitted for deletion of promotion items. Promotion applies to standard floor plans only. Any approved structural or non-structural changes may incur a custom fee or re-design fee as per stipulated in Item 23 & 24 of terms and conditions of this quote sheet and invalidate part of promotion. Mimosa Homes reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Geographical build location restrictions apply. Speak to one our consultants for further information.