Jenk Kaide grew up in Melbourne’s western suburbs and continue to be strongly involved in the local community.

His life is firmly rooted in the western suburbs, with family and friends living close and his two children attending local schools, making the Kaide family the perfect aides to help build a home for you and your family.

At the very core of Mimosa Homes is a passion for what he does. Jenk doesn’t just own Mimosa Homes, he lives and breathes it.
‘Friends tell us we shouldn’t talk about business when we sit down to dinner, but this isn’t just business; this is our life and our passion.’

Jenk has many years of construction experience, as both a qualified home builder and a tradesman providing an exceptional understanding of every intricate detail of building a quality home.

Jenk actively participates in industry events, keeping informed of the changes in construction laws, regulations and new technologies, allowing him to consistently offer his customers a superior product.

‘While we’ve enjoyed immense growth, Our quality finished homes, value for money and our flexible approach to getting your home just right defines that we are not a volume-focused builder; but a customer focused one.’ – Jenk