Australia’s Love For Building A Brand New Home

It’s no secret that Australians share a passion for building brand new homes. According to the Housing Industry Association some 180,000 new homes are forecast to be built this year, an increase of 8.2 per cent over previous years. So why are we so committed to new home construction? Economists say that the numbers will only just keep up with the demand from our burgeoning population, but not all new homes under construction are first home buyers.

Home Outdoors
Home Outdoors

A clean slate

If you’ve decided to buy a house and land package then the excitement really begins. A new home build offers a blank canvas, an opportunity to right the wrongs of your current older house or build your very first home to your perfect specifications. The wide range of new homes available from a quality home builder like Mimosa Homes means that you will find a design that suits you, your family and your lifestyles. You will discover many enjoyments from moving into a new home as the very first occupants. You can park in a clean garage, be the first to cook dinner in your pristine oven and have décor that you designed.

A low maintenance garden that is well-designed means you weed less and enjoy more. No more complaining about that badly planted tree that overhangs your shiny car in the driveway!

Social life

Older homes were compartmentalized which was not conducive to home entertaining. New display homes are more open-plan focused, with large spaces and central kitchens able to handle any gathering. Many families build in new estates as they want a sense of community that maybe they didn’t experience in more established suburbs. Moving into your new home at the same time as those around you encourages interaction. You will find yourselves meeting neighbours at local footy ovals, playgrounds and parks. These bonds can last a lifetime.

Future friendly

Remember trying to run extension cables around some rooms in your older house? With a new build you can be sure that the house will be able to cope with your family’s power demands now and into the future. Power points are plentiful and modern homes can easily cope with security systems, hi-tech lighting plans or structured wiring. Your new home will also be cheaper to run. Advances in heating and cooling systems coupled with modern insulation will mean a lower power bill all year round. Most new builds are also fitted with water-tanks and some element of solar power assistance, making a new home water and energy efficient and saving you thousands in utility bills over an older home for many years to come.

Advantage new

So you can see why so many people are choosing to construct a new home each year. Being able to select an open-plan floor, the décor and flooring coupled with energy efficiency and a warranty are all deciding factors. Having the opportunity to become part of a new community and government grants for first home buyers of up to $10,000 in Victoria are all enticing reasons to contact Mimosa Homes today.