Benefits of Buying a House and Land Package as an Investment

When you think of purchasing an investment property you normally imagine a 30-year-old property in established suburbia or an inner-city apartment. But buying a house and land package isn’t always the first option most investors think of even though they have attractive benefits such as flexibility, depreciation and stamp duty savings.

Home Package in Melbourne West
Home Package in Melbourne West

New Homes Attract Better Tenants

The purpose of an investment property is to make it work for you. Part of this equation on a property is the yield, or how much rent you can receive. The aim is to attract long-term, top quality tenants that will fit into this equation. Purchasing a house and land package as an investment will offer new tenants a modern, clean home with all the conveniences they could need. This will satisfy the fussiest of tenants and you can charge a premium rent for such a wonderful home.

Stamp Duty Savings

Purchasing an established home means having to pay stamp duty on both the house and the land. Buying a house and land package from Mimosa Homes means only having to pay stamp duty on the land portion of the deal as the house has yet to be constructed. This can equate to a saving of thousands of dollars.

Tax and Depreciation

Purchasing a house and land package as an investment comes with many tax and depreciation benefits that cannot be overlooked. Depreciable assets in new homes, such as fixtures and fittings and the actual construction cost of the home itself, can be tax deductible. Everyone’s tax situation is different and we advise you to seek the advice of your accountant, but there is scope to also claim on the payment of rates, property management and interest payments. Buying a home from Mimosa Homes ensures you will make big savings by purchasing the property directly from the home builder at wholesale prices.


Mimosa Homes have packages to suit all investors. We can tailor a house and land package to meet your requirements of location, budget, land and house size and timeframe. All of our packages are located in the boom suburbs of north and western Melbourne, some a mere 20kms from the CBD! All of our house and land packages are in carefully selected land estates that meet our parameters of infrastructure, amenities and public transport.

No Maintenance

Purchasing an established home as an investment can be fraught with the dreaded pitfalls of maintenance. You may be kept awake at night imagining ‘what next?’ as you await a tenant phone call. With a house and land package from Mimosa Homes you have no such worries. The building, fixtures and fittings are covered by the builder’s guarantee for a set number of years while a new home has fundamentally lower running costs and upkeep. New home construction has increased markedly over recent years in both quality of materials and construction techniques meaning greater build quality and maintenance efficiency.

So the above shows many of the advantages you will have when you purchase a Mimosa Homes house and land package as an investment. From the cost savings of purchasing directly from the builder and avoiding third party agent’s fees, to choosing a flexible, quality package that will ensure you retain high-quality, high-paying tenants for years to come. If our friendly team at Mimosa Homes can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.