Peace Of Mind With A Fixed Price From Mimosa Homes

Building your new home with Mimosa Homes is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only do you have creative input in the design of the home to help make sure that every last element meets or exceeds your expectations, but it is also one of the best ways to invoke a particular theme or feeling with the finished product. When you build your own home versus buying an existing one, you’re putting a little bit of your own personality on display for each and every person who visits or drives by. You’re also guaranteeing that you will be happy with the end result.

Fixed Price From Mimosa Homes
Fixed Price From Mimosa Homes


The Stresses of Building a New Home

When people make the decision to design a new home from the ground up, however, there are a few key stresses that they’re opening themselves up to that they may otherwise be unaware of. Unless you’re incredibly wealthy, your budget will probably be something that you try to keep in mind at all times. Standard homeowners normally have a range that they’re looking to stay within – while they’re comfortable with hitting the higher of the two numbers, staying as close as possible to the lower one is always ideal.

Yet when you make the choice to manage your own build, a number of different elements move into play that are completely beyond your control. The price of the materials that you’ll need will be dictated by the current conditions of the market and by things like availability. The price that you confirmed in January may not be the price that you will pay in December, for example, depending on the situation. Likewise, labour fluctuations are incredibly common during this process. If your home takes even five more days to build than you originally predicted, these are five days where you’re spending money that you hadn’t accounted for.

More pressing than all of that, however, is the worry that you’re exposing yourself to by making this decision. You constantly have to wonder whether a decision that you really want to make will have negative ramifications down the road, causing you to spend more money than you wanted to (or have the ability to) in the long run.

Mimosa Homes

Instead of dealing with these issues, you can instead elect to enjoy one of the biggest benefits that come from working with Mimosa Homes: a fixed price. When you purchase a house and land package from Mimosa Homes, everything is agreed upon up front. Once you sign the contracts, there is a clear-cut agreement in place that guarantees beyond the shadow of a doubt that your price will not increase at all. You also have the benefit of other agreements like build time, materials used and more – allowing you to eliminate guesswork from the process entirely. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that all variables are accounted for at the beginning of a project is one that you just can’t put a price on.