Choosing the Right House and Land Package

There are many factors to consider before choosing a house and land package. You need to consider that the average time spent in a new home is ten years, so it will pay dividends to choose wisely or live with the consequences.

House and Land Package
House and Land Package

Location, location, location

Once you move into your lovely new Mimosa home it is a physical impossibility to pick it up and transport it to another estate. Great care, consideration and discussions are needed within your family before choosing the development you wish to build in. There are many new estates built for different folks so you need to investigate the benefits of choosing a particular estate.

Spend time inspecting the overall design of the estate (it may only be on paper at this stage). Check the layout and future facilities. Are there shops and amenities on the estate or at least within close proximity? What will your commute to work be? Unless you are unique, you don’t want to be spending precious time crawling along in traffic, so factor in travel time. If you don’t drive to work, then are there public transport facilities? Is there a school nearby? You also need to consider your lifestyle. If you and your family enjoy walking, cycling or the general outdoors, does the estate have bike paths and playgrounds for the kids?

Choose a quality builder

There are many home builders on the market and many levels of quality, so what steps should you take to ensure you are getting the right builder for your dream home? A quality builder like Mimosa Homes will have lots of happy customers. A quick search of the Internet will offer experiences from past customers only too happy to sing our praises. Look for an established homebuilder. Mimosa Homes has been in operation for 15 years ensuring experience and a continuing level of quality. Don’t be afraid to question your potential builder. Ask what the level of inclusions and quality is. See how involved the builder is in the process. Are they willing to discuss your needs or just sell you a product? What is the construction time and what is included in the fixed price of the contract?

Lot of choice

There are a myriad of lot sizes and shapes, all of which will affect the price you pay. If you are purchasing land with the intention of building later then it is helpful to be forearmed with a house design. That way you will know if it will fit and the dimensions for gardens. Prices of land have skyrocketed in recent years so you need to consider how important it is to you to have a large block. If you’d prefer to spend less time gardening then maybe a smaller block with a larger house would suit your needs.

Quality choice

To experience the extensive selection of quality house and land packages available from Mimosa Homes, visit one of our display homes today.