Go West

It is a common fear for homebuyers in new suburbs to wonder whether local infrastructure will meet the demand of the often thousands of new residents that will populate growth corridors. At Mimosa Homes, we offer house and land packages in Melbourne’s Northern and Western suburbs that have amenities and public transport already in place. That way you can be assured your chosen estate will grow with your family’s needs. Here are some other advantages to moving to the West.


Peter Glenane/HiVis Pictures
Tarneit Railway Station Melbourne



Five districts make up the Western suburbs of Melbourne: Brimbank; Hobsons Bay; Maribyrnong; Melton and Wyndham. It is within the suburbs of these districts where Mimosa Homes offers its new homes and house and land packages. According to a recent Victorian Government survey into the effects of the proposed East-West link, it is estimated that within the next 30 years Melbourne’s population will rise to six million residents. With Melbourne already boasting some of Australia’s fastest growing suburbs, much of this population growth is forecast to settle in the Western and Northern suburbs with investment allocated to future renewal and regeneration.

The demise of the traditional manufacturing sector in the West has given rise to knowledge-intensive industries such as I.T. and a booming services sector. By default, the influx of new residents will also create a need for workers in construction and communications sectors, boosting employment opportunities.


A cornerstone to supporting economic growth and development is a timely and safe transport network. Victoria can already boast of Australia’s most advanced and well-connected system of marine, road and rail networks and the Victorian Government has acknowledged the need to invest further in these areas to maintain growth. Melbourne’s Western suburbs are only twenty minutes from the CBD and have easy access to three airports; Melbourne, Essendon and Avalon.

Communities in Melbourne’s West have ready access to extensive rail, tram and bus services that cover the length and breadth of Metro Melbourne. Major road networks link Melbourne’s Western suburbs to the north, east and southeast as well as the regional centres of Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo. Fostering the development of business investment in these suburbs hinges heavily on transport infrastructure, a point not lost on the Government.

Public transport is undergoing major changes in Melbourne’s West with current construction and improvement to both passenger and freight rail lines, a higher frequency of services and better bus services. Encouraging drivers to swap cars for public transport will also have a significant effect on reducing bottlenecks on the freeways.


Investment in broadband services will allow easier studying for students in Western Suburbs campuses and encourage more stay-at-home small businesses, easing commuting stress. Mimosa Homes aims to build in suburbs that have existing shops, bike tracks and parklands to encourage a healthy, family-orientated lifestyle that will see your family become a part of the community for generations to come.
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