Moving from an Old house to a New House

If you’ve been living in an older property with heating and cooling systems, fixtures and appliances from 20, 30 or 40 years in the past, then moving into a newly constructed home might be a little bit of a culture shock. Moving into a house you just purchased always carries some extra costs, but if you’ve never lived in one that’s newly constructed, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind and incorporate into your plans.

Old House to New Mimosa Home

Old House to New Mimosa Home

Start-Up Expenses

At Mimosa Homes, we pride ourselves on keeping you informed about what is and is not included in our new houses. When you buy one of our houses, we offer value bundles that include some fixtures and finishes that you might otherwise have to buy separately. However, make sure that you have a clear idea of what you need to purchase yourself. For example, you may want to add things like a digital TV antenna, landscaping, or a clothesline.

Make sure that your floor and wall finishes, your light fixtures and your appliances are really what you want at the outset. Some of our clients are happy with the basic but high quality finishes and fixtures that we provide in our standard packages. Others have their hearts set on something special and much more expensive. Put it in at the outset rather than tearing out later. Let us help you work out the full list and plan for installation.

High Efficiency Systems and Appliances

Modern heating, cooling and water heating systems are not the same as the older, less efficient systems. The most obvious difference is in the easy availability of solar thermal systems as an aid to your water heater — we offer them as a standard feature on our new houses. However, the high efficiency space conditioning systems you’ll get as part of your new home are much higher tech than the older ones you might be used to. Be sure to read the manuals and find out when filters need to be changed and when routine maintenance needs to be performed to keep them operating at peak efficiency for many years to come. In fact, be sure to look at the manuals for all your new equipment and appliances.

A Few Clear Advantages

New houses give you a few clear advantages when compared to older homes. You may not need to replace anything major, like windows, cabinets or appliances, for up to 50 years if you take good care of your new house. A home built by Mimosa Homes is unlikely to have any quality issues or unpleasant surprises, but anything that comes up will almost certainly be covered by warranty. Our new houses are well insulated, well sealed and equipped with efficient mechanical systems, so gas and electricity bills will be lower than with an older house, and your new Mimosa home will be thermally comfortable and draft-free, as well. In fact, the construction methods that keep the heating and air conditioning from escaping the house also help to keep noise out.

In a new house, everything works properly (or can be repaired under warranty) and there’s less cost and less effort associated with home maintenance. Of course, you’ll still need to replace or clear air filters, clean gutters and maintain the lawn and garden, but major repairs and upgrades won’t be needed for decades.

There’s nothing like the feeling of moving into a new home that was built just for you and your family. Make sure that you get to know all about how a modern house is put together and how to maintain it and its systems for top performance and maximum longevity.