New Homes: Starting With a Clean Slate

If you’re living in a rental, whether it’s an apartment or a house, then you don’t have much control over your environment. You can’t change the floors, you probably can’t change the walls, and you may not even be allowed to hang pictures. Pets? If you’re allowed them, you’re lucky. If you buy an existing home, then you’ll be able to make changes to it, but budgeting will be a huge, ongoing issue. There will be maintenance projects and repairs that will have to take priority over renovations.

With new homes, particularly new Mimosa homes, everything is well planned and pristine. It’s unlikely that repairs will be needed anytime soon, but if they are, they will be covered under warranty, and maintenance will be minimal. Best of all, if you work with Mimosa, we will build a house specifically for you. It will look and function the way you want it to from the start.

New Homes: Perfect For Families

Just think about all the advantages of new homes for growing families. Imagine a house built especially for you, with the finishes you want and the space you need. Your new home can have bedrooms for all the kids and perhaps a guest room, too. It can be built with a generous space for a home office or a home theatre. Every room will be well planned and beautifully finished, ready for your furniture, accessories and personal flair. There will be enough room for guests both indoors and out; your new Mimosa home will come with beautiful outdoor features and luxurious finishes that will make your friends and family comfortable—and probably jealous, too.

Romsey Exterior

Romsey – Exterior

New or old, there’s nothing like a home that’s really yours. However, you’ll be amazed at the difference that a well designed, trouble-free new house can make. Let us do the nest building so that you’ll have more time to enjoy your life and your family. You’ll have less stress and a step-up on the property ladder.

New Homes For Newbies

Are you planning a move to Melbourne from another city or from overseas? If you’re coming from the UK, Europe or somewhere inland, you are probably excited to join in the Australian dream: sun, beaches and affordable, private and trouble-free housing. Don’t waste your time with renovations or long term rentals. Take advantage of our beautiful, modern and affordable new houses. We’d love to build one just for you, and you can move into your new house in 20 weeks, guaranteed. Don’t just move to Australia; invest in Australia.

New Homes by Mimosa

Mimosa Homes is Jenk Kaide’s company. Jenk is a home builder with deep roots in Melbourne and particularly in the western suburbs. He has many years of experience as a tradesman, a builder and a project manager and business owner. Mimosa Homes is an independent company, and we care deeply about good design, craftsmanship and customer service.

New Homes by Mimosa

New Homes by Mimosa

We are not an assembly line builder, but we’ve been successful enough in our business to be able to offer low prices based on high volume. We’re a happy medium between expensive custom builders and the kind of companies that construct mass produced houses. With Mimosa, you choose from among a wide selection of basic house plans and you can customise both the finishes and the layout. We value every one of our clients, and we want to build you a house that will serve you well for many decades to come.

Bathroom of the Rochester

New Homes – Bathroom of Rochester