We’re Proud of These New Home Designs

At the beginning of the year, we released a range of new home designs with plenty of options for our clients. As with all Mimosa Homes, they are functional and beautiful. There are enough choices and enough upgrade packages that our clients are able to choose a home that will suit their lifestyle. If any of our designs are not quite what you want, you can modify our homes to suit your tastes without having to pay for a full custom design. After all, a good plan is a good plan. We are really excited about them and we think you will be, too.

New Home Designs in Melbourne and for Melbourne

We’re a medium-volume home builder based in Melbourne’s western suburbs, and we do all of our work in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne. Our new home designs are perfect for the local climate and they fit in with the lifestyle that Melbourne’s people prefer. They are homes that are seamlessly integrated with their gardens and their neighbourhoods. They make an active, social and well balanced life easy.

Open Plan Areas

The interiors of our houses are designed for the way that people live today. There are times when you want to shut out distractions. That’s why there are bedrooms with doors that are set apart from the open spaces. Of course, they can also be used for dens and offices. However, the open areas of our houses flow together. The lounges, family rooms, dining areas and kitchens are spatially defined, but open to each other. With people so busy and family time so limited, it’s great to be able to cook, eat and relax without necessarily doing the same things at the same times. You can help your kids with their homework as you cook or use a laptop while they watch TV.

Sabah 311 Floorplan

Sabah 311 Floorplan

Open plans are great for entertaining, too. Guests always like to be in the kitchen, even if the kitchen is tiny and isolated, so it’s a good thing ours aren’t. Sometimes, they wander off to the lounge to drink and talk, and there are always groups of people anchored near the food and drink and out in the garden. There’s no doubt that open plan spaces are fantastic for parties.

Indoor / Outdoor Space

Almost all of our homes have ‘alfresco’ areas built in. These areas are sure to be popular when you entertain, and you’ll find yourself using them every day. You can spend time outdoors, rain or shine as the sheltered nature of these outdoor rooms means that you can entertain or relax out there all year round.

Details That Reflect Your Values

One of the things that we really like about our new home designs are the front elevations. Cars are important for getting around in Melbourne, and most of us prefer the convenience of an attached garage with a front entry. However, some suburban houses have front elevations that are dominated by the garage. It’s a look that says ‘This house belongs to the cars. We just live here.’ In our new home designs, the garage is always set back from the front of the house. The porch and the front door are the focus of the front elevation, not the garage doors. It’s a small detail that makes Mimosa Homes gracious and inviting.

Similarly, our homes are designed to be sustainable and efficient. We offer solar hot water systems, evaporative cooling and built-in attachments for clotheslines. Our houses make efficient use of space and are constructed with high efficiency appliances and lighting. Take a closer look at our new home plans, and you’ll notice many more details that make them great places to live.